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Who We Are

We are data science enthusiasts and our goal is to play a part in the global wave of technological change in the energy sector. Here in Quant Co., we develop high-end analytical tools for the renewable energy sector by getting strength from our academic background and market expertise.

As a startup, we have the mind set of "disrupt and innovate". We solve problems and at the same time try not to create new headaches.

Let us to energize your work through our analytical services.

What We Do

Our first tool, PreD, is a real-time data management platform with embedded algorithms which aims to reduce power plants´ cost of imbalance caused by forecast errors. PreD guides its users how to adjust their market position in order for decreasing the difference between forecasts and actual generations through its three modules explained below.

Bid Optimization

Find out the best day-ahead bid for your power plant. Our data science team has created a market model that is able catch price patterns which allows our optimization model to adjust your generation forecasts, so that you will be less likely to end up with high imbalance costs.

Dynamic Track

You should be able to foresee possible deviations from what you had forecasted for the upcoming hours, if the ultimate goal is to minimize imbalances. PreD´s Dynamic Track module aggregates all the forecast data from different sources, process them and provide an insightful visualisation, so that, by following it, you can immediately act in the intra-day market for position correction.

Match & Offset

PreD is able to establish connection between its different users. Our tailor-made match & offset algorithm finds out the best way to match up different users´ deviations for making use of the group synergy.


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